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Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:44 pm by Hidalgo Torres de Tijuana

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 The Rules

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Hidalgo Torres de Tijuana

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PostSubject: The Rules    Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:44 pm

1. Don't be a dick. Show all fellow members with respect. It's ok to joke around but if that person feels insulted, then stop. This also applies to staff members. Just because you're staff doesn't make you higher than anyone else.

2. No God-modding, Auto-hitting, Meta-gaming, controlling another person's character unless agreed upon, being vague, or manipulating a vague post TOO much. The first five are standard roleplaying rules while the sixth one is simply common courtesy. Be warned, any vague manipulation will be heavily watched.

3. No racist, pornographic, or excessively gory images/material of any kind. This site is PG-16, so any sexual encounters in RP must be faded to black.

4. Remember to have fun. This is a roleplaying site after all. If someone isn't as good as you posting or typing-wise, offer them a hand or give them some friendly pointers. Be nice.

5. Do not loophole the rules. If you do it unknowingly, don't fret. You will be kindly reminded not to do it again. If you do it on purpose....well....sorry for you.

6. You cannot claim a hit in a thread unless 48 hours have passed and the person has yet to respond UNLESS they have notified that they will be gone for awhile.

7. No complaining about people, the systems, or anything else. If you have a problem with a person, calmly PM a staff member so that it may be resolved.

8. Please act like you have common sense in the chat box. Spamming, repeated Caps Lock, etc, will not be allowed. Images are to be put in spoilers and while debates are allowed, please refrain from arguing.

9. You can have a maximum of 3 accounts, and your username must relate to your character somehow.

10. We use liquid time here and, thus, you are allowed to do up to 5 threads at a time.

11. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE. As this is a freeform roleplay, you'll need it. While you can add and make your own powers and abilities, there still some things that are given. For example, a pixie would NEVER be stronger than a Oni or even a full-grown, healthy, human. When fighting, you can go and punch each other through walls and have a full-on DBZ style fight, but please note there WILL be no techniques great enough to wipe out a entire city in a single go.

12. I understand this is a Hell Roleplay and things can happen. That being said, some members have gone through sexual abuse and as such on top of it being a sensitive topic for the sake of those members one isn't allowed to go into detail in regards to raping another. Whether it be threatening or the act having been done. Remember Rule 3.
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The Rules
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